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Look amazing. Feel good.

Celebrate life.

Don Strong is a board certified weight loss specialist who knows firsthand the difficulty of losing weight. Because of his own experience, he designed a weight loss program for adults ages 16 through 63 who wants to finally take the weight off.

After your initial consultation, we’re going to hand you a SCIENCE-BASED, doctor prescribed, and completely personalized weight-loss plan. It’s built around YOU – YOUR body and its unique chemistry – so that THIS time around we can successfully eradicate love handles and trim down other embarrassing areas.

We’ll analyze your blood work, body mass index and any underlying issues, whether it’s poor eating habits, pre-diabetic conditions, thyroid problems, etc. that may be causing your weight gain. And then together, we’ll create a personal plan just for you and give you a two week supply of appetite suppressants and nutritional supplements for FREE.

We know it’s hard to stay on a diet, because LIFE happens. Birthday parties, date nights, holidays. Feeling you can’t eat cake or drink wine makes life less fun. WE say eat the cake and drink the wine. Get right back on the plan the next day. Because we believe you MUST celebrate life in order to find the motivation to lose weight.

The key to dieting is a thinking change. You learn to accept new and different foods even coming to prefer and crave them instead of the bad stuff!

This is a LIFE CHANGER. Your health is not a joke, call us when you’re ready for the journey!

Celebrate Life!

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What People Are Saying

  • This clinic really meets my needs. Both medical and psychological support are equally addressed. The staff is so helpful. They have lots of suggestions to help me over rough spots and peel back the layers that have kept me from reaching my goals.*
    Verified Patient
  • Everyone was very professional. I'm excited to get started with the Verju program! *
    Verified Patient – February 10th, 2016
  • I am very happy my sister recommended Dr Strong’s program. I have lost 30+ pds since last February and holding strong. This is the first program I ever lost weight! I use to dream of losing 5 pds and never happened until now, l lost 30+ and I feel great.*
    Anonymous Verified Patient – January 13th, 2016 
  • Dr. Strong took the time to listen to my concerns. He then talked with me about strategies for success. The entire staff is there for your support and want nothing more than for each of their patients to succeed. *
    Anonymous Verified Patient – January 12th, 2016 

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